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School Mindfulness Programs

School Mindfulness Programs

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Are you an educator looking to bring outdoor storytelling, outdoor lessons, relaxation, movement and mindfulness to your students? 

This workshop will provide you with

strategies and tools for:

Improved attention


Emotional resilience and adaptability 

Calmness and compassion 

Healthier and happier students


“THANK YOU so very much for your amazing workshop!!  Your passion and dedication to children's social emotional development is so inspiring!! I have shared a few of the strategies with the students and educators that I support in our various schools.  In a few classes, we tried the silent meditation.  It was such a mindful moment to watch, as the children sat so very still and attentively listening for the bell to sound over their head.  Thank you for all the strategies, ideas and resources.” - Kindergarten Teacher, Niagara Catholic District School Board

“Thank you! Your willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that I got what I needed in my classroom really sets you apart.”- Grade 3 Teacher, Halton District School Board 

“I recently attended "Yoga and Mindfulness in Your Classroom”. I LOVED the workshop!! Introduced were a variety of practical and engaging strategies to implement and differentiate to fit the needs of any classroom. Incia's genuine passion was palpable, it left myself and other attendees feeling inspired, mindful and simply light on our feet upon our departure from her class. I had such a great experience and recommend this to any and all educators as I believe truly all students would benefit from these practices.” - Primary Intermediate/Senior Teacher, Simcoe County District School Board


School Mindfulness Programs

School Mindfulness Programs

School Mindfulness Programs

Incorporate Mindfulness in the school day to bring storytelling, relaxation, fun through movement and mindfulness to students. 

Learn mindfulness techniques to improve focus, self-control, emotional resilience and adaptability while bringing calmness and

compassion to have healthier and happier kids! The techniques emphasize on learning breathing, concentration, stretching and creative art.

“Thank you so much for today! The kids had so much fun! Kindie teachers had a great time also!” - Kindergarten Teacher, Halton District School Board 


Calm Me Program

School Mindfulness Programs

Calm Me Program

Imagine a program where your child practices active movement daily, self-regulation/breathing techniques, art, music, nutrition, numeracy and literacy. Where they are encouraged to be playful, creative, kind and compassionate.

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