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 Once Upon a Mama 

Storytelling. Connection. Relaxation. 

Are you a New Mama, a Mama on Mat Leave, looking to connect with Mamas in the cOMmunity! 

Motherhood is about connecting, it's about sharing stories from pregnancy to birth from feeding to schooling and everything in between. 

Come relax with us, bond with baby and plan socials with your Mama Village ♡ 

Once Upon a Girl 

Storytelling. Empowerment. Relaxation.


A Mindful Retreat for Girls of empowerment, friendship, community & love 

Ages 5 -10 

Summer 2020 


Mindful Me 

Mindful Me Kids Yoga Program includes Storytelling, Journaling, Themes, Arts Therapy, Crafts and Music

Mindful Me Series - This series includes in a Mindfulness Journal

Toddler Yoga Programs


Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga Classes include Storytelling, Breath Awareness, Movement & Music 

All our Toddler Classes include a Mom, Dad or Caregiver

Yoga Playgroup 

Toddlers join us for a relaxing and bonding time to explore yoga through play centres and props. 

4 weeks 


Mindfulness Programs


Toddler Calm Me Series 

Offering a unique Mindfulness program for Tots. Imagine a program where your child practices active movement daily, self-regulation/breathing techniques, STEAM, music, sensory, nature, numeracy and literacy. Where they are encouraged to be playful, creative, kind and compassionate.  

Your child will learn awareness, movement, senses, emotions, gratitude, self-compassion & kindness

4 weeks 


2-4 years  

Chickadee Family Cafe, Burlington 


10:30 - 11:30 am 

Jan 10 - 31

Abaton Integrative Medicine, Oakville


10:30 - 11:30 am 

Jan 7 - 28

Outdoor Calm Me 

Andrew Scenic Farms, Milton 

Wellness Wednesdays 

Oct 23, 30 

$30 each session 

Lochland Botanicals, Milton 


10:30 -11:30

Summer 2020

All materials used for the curriculum is inspired by: Reggio, MINDUP, Montessori, YogaEd and resources focused on Yoga & Mindfulness (books & music)  

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